Regretters (Play)

Regretters was Marcus Lindeen’s debut play as a director and playwright. It was produced for Stockholms Stadsteater (Stockholm City Theatre) and premiered in November 2006. Until 2009 it had several sold-out reruns at the theater. Regretters about two older Swedish men, Mikael and Orlando, who both regret their sex change operations. They meet for the first time to have a conversation about it.

The play has been translated into French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and English. In November 2008 the German translation was selected and performed as a staged reading at the FIND-festival (Festival Internationale Neue Dramatik) at The Schaubühne in Berlin. The original production was also selected as one of the best Swedish contemporary plays by The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm and The National Swedish Television. It was broadcasted on Swedish television in 2009. New productions of the play has been made at The National Theater in Oslo and The National Swedish Theater in Helsinki. In 2013 the play opened in Mexico City at Teatro Helénico under the name ”Los Arrepentidos”.

In 2018, a new production of the Spanish translation of the play premiered in Santiago, Chile. Yet another production will be made in Buenos Aires in 2019.

Rodrigo Pérez and Alfredo Castro as Mikael and Orlando in Los Arrepentidos, directed by Víctor Carrasco, at Centro GAM in Santiago de Chile, 2018.

Alejandro Calva and Margarita Sanz as Mikael and Orlando in Los Arrepentidos directed by Sebastián Sanchez Amunategui at Centro Cultural Helénico in Mexico City, 2013.