Dear Director

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In 1980 American jazz pianist Kazzrie Jaxen watches Ingmar Bergman’s From the Life of the Marionettes. Afterwards she writes him a sixteen-page letter explaining how the film changed her life. It had started a dramatic inner journey which made her understand that she is not alone in her own body: hidden inside a small lump of fat under her skin rest the remains of her unborn twin. Dear Director is based on a real fan letter written to Bergman that Swedish director Marcus Lindeen found while doing research on unfinished Bergman scripts for a play. Kazzrie Jaxen, who wrote the letter 35 years ago, stars as herself in the film.

Dear Director is a short film that had its world premiere in the section Pardi di Domani at The Locarno Film Festival in August 2015, where it was awarded the Cinema & Gioventù prize for best international short film. It is produced by Fasad AB for Swedish Television with support from The Swedish Film Institute. Theatrical distribution in Sweden: Folkets Bio.

Title: Dear Director
Genre: Documentary / Hybrid
Length: 14 min
Format: DCP – 2K, 2:39 Scope, Color
Language: English and German (with English subtitles)
Production year: 2015

Director and writer: Marcus Lindeen
Producer: Juan Pablo Libossart
Principal cast: Kazzrie Jaxen, Thomas Bosket
Editing: Therese Elfström
Cinematography: Lisabi Fridell
Music and sound: Hans Appelqvist

Festival contact: Sara Rüster, The Swedish Film Institute

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