Glorious Accidents (Accidentes Gloriosos)

Car crashes are instant art and sculptures made in seconds. At least to a certain Buenos Aires photographer, who spends his nights driving through the city in search of capturing the perfect accident. Meanwhile, another man is trying to find a legendary cock sucker who hides somewhere in the dark rooms of a gay sex club. Accidentes Gloriosos tells nine different stories of death and transformation. From the man who undergoes a heart transplant and wakes up with new and strange artistic powers, to the woman who receives a last letter from her husband, written just before he freezes to death in one of history’s most dramatic polar expeditions.

Written and directed together with Argentinian filmmaker Mauro Andrizzi. Shot in black & white over three weeks in the city of Buenos Aires. Accidentes Gloriosos premiered in 2011 at the 68th Venice Film Festival and was awarded a prize for best medium length film.

The film has been made into an ellaborative performance piece by Italian theater director Giulio Stasi and performed in different parts at the Macro Museum and The National Theatre ”Teatro di Roma – Teatro India” in Rome among other venous. More here about the performance project.

”Mauro Andrizzi and Marcus Lindeen’s Glorious Accidents, a stylishly shot kaleidoscope of nine weird tales featuring car accidents as instant artworks, a legendary cocksucker, a letter from a doomed polar expedition, etc. At times exuberant, flighty, and flamboyant, and salaciously mischievous throughout, Glorious Accidents is great fun.”Olaf Möller, Film Comment


BAFICI, Buenos Aires, 2012
Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2012
Festival du Cinéma de Brive, France, 2012 – (Winner of Honorary mention.)
Picknic Festival, Spain, 2012 – (Winner of Best Feature Film)
Göteborg International Film Festival, 2012
Havana International Film Festival, 2011
Oslo International Film Festival, 2011
Gijón International Film Festival, 2011
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, 2011
Venice Film Festival, 2011 (Winner of Best Medium-Length Film, Orizzonti)

Title: Glorious Accidents (Accidentes Gloriosos)
Genre: Fiction
Length: 60 min
Format: HD, b&w
Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)
Production year: 2011

Written and directed by: Marcus Lindeen and Mauro Andrizzi
Producer: Ivan Granovski, Francisco Vazquez Murillo
Executive producer: Tine Fischer, DOX:LAB
Narration: Cristina Banegas
Principal cast: Lorena Damonte, Alberto Suarez, Ignacio Catoggio, Lili Popovich, Sofia Del Tuffo, Pablo Finvarb, Mariano Zir, Adelina Rocatti, Hernan Quaroni, Oscar Perez and Pedro Kochidilian
Editing: Francisco Vazquez Murillo
Cinematography: Emiliano Cativa
Music: Hans Appelqvist
Sound: Celeste Palma