A Generation Lost

Documentary drama, 60 minutes. Written and directed on commission for The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm (Dramaten). First performed on the 6th of May 2013 as part of a theme night on youth unemployment. Then four more nights in November 2013. The play was recorded and broadcasted by The National Swedish Television (SVT). The production was invited to perform for politicians in the Swedish parliament on the 21st of May 2013.

During the performance the actors are listening to interviews and recorded documentary situations.

First cast: Danilo Bejarano, Emma Mehonic, Filip Alexandersson, Eva Melander, Eric Stern and Lotta Tejle.

Second cast: Danilo Bejarano, Emma Broomé, Eva Melander, Emma Mehonic, Sanne Ahlqvist Boltes and Mattias Silvell.

En förlorad generation

A Generation Lost